TAGnesis Slim System is a localized fat reduction program, unique today, which is the union of two other systems:

  • TAGDisruptor, advanced body shaping system with ultrasound and ESWT low energy shock waves.
  • Gnesis 3.0, electrostimulation system for muscle toning and building.

We have developed this localized fat reduction system because, after many years in which we have seen a multitude of clients pass through our training centers with different concerns, objectives and needs, it was increasingly evident that there is a niche of a very large market that does not want to exercise, but wants to look good, and resorting to aesthetic treatments, on certain occasions, is expensive and may be risky.

For this type of client we created TAGnesis Slim System, because the client performs the 10 ‘or 15’ treatment of TAGDisruptor himself and then, lying on a stretcher, we put 20 ‘of EMS with a specific sequence and configuration to consume that fat mobilized.

TAGnesis does not need to incorporate more workers into your business, because it is the same client who applies the first part of the treatment or session. In the second part you will only have to place the Gbox and calibrate the channels, then you only have to wait for it to finish while reading a magazine, consulting or working with your tablet or phone. It is a system of low investment, high profitability and fast amortization.

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