Gnesis EMS для медицинского применения

Did you know that doctors from all over the world are including electrical muscle stimulation to their treatments? Gnesis EMS developed a system especially for medical use. It is the case of Dr. Martin Borský ( who recently joined the Gnesis EMS family. He is a prestigious doctor from Czech Republic, who has been continuously […]

Приложение Gnesis EMS: Наше приложение, ваш бизнес

Since its beginnings, electrical muscle stimulation has evolved a lot. We could say that initially, the objective and function of the system was basically focused on stimulating muscles using simple electrodes, but that’ s all in the past. With the new Gnesis EMS App, your business as a personal trainer, or training center, has a […]

Электрическая стимуляция мышц и физиотерапия

Electrical muscle stimulation is becoming more and more popular among athletes, but it is also becoming a very useful tool among physiotherapists. So important it has become, that it is studied in the physiotherapy degree. EMS allows the physiotherapist to treat and prevent a wide range of injuries and pathologies of their patients.   Gnesis […]

Электрическая стимуляция мышц и спорт

Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Sports The benefits of electrical muscle stimulation in human body are already well known, and if you still don´ t know them you can check our last post in which we introduce the electrostimulation to you. These benefits apply as well to athletes, both professionals and amateurs. So, EMS and sports […]

Что такое электрическая стимуляция мышц (EMS)?

What is electrical muscle stimulation (EMS)? Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), is the method of muscle contraction by using electric impulses. The EMS training achieves the same results in 20 minutes as with any other conventional training you can achieve in several hours, working more than 300 muscles at the same time. So the effectiveness and achievement […]