Why our system?

The technology we use in TAGnesis is developed and endorsed by a Spanish company of reference in the EMS sector, we design and manufacture TAGnesis different products with points of sale in more than 20 countries.

Unique localized fat reduction system in the market!

You will have the first and only device currently in the world, which combines the most advanced techniques to quickly and effectively eliminate localized fat.

Our TAGnesis system can be included in any business model that is related to fitness, image/body treatments, aesthetics andhealth and is aimed at a very broad customer target.

We evolve with the changes in the market.

TAGnesis is defined for being a product of

High profitability, fast amortization and low investment.

A perfect complement

The localized fat reduction effect is even more effective when combined with muscle electric stimulation training.

This is due to the fact that muscle stimulation burns the fat released by the TAGnesis System.

In this way, we have created an ecosystem where TAGnesis is combined with our advanced muscle stimulation device Gnesis 3.0 to achieve incredible results.

The Sector

The current society in which we live gives an increasingly high value to personal image: everyone wants to look good and have a good physique, but achieving it in the traditional way involves a lot of time, effort and sacrifice.

The sector of body treatments is very wide, with a great variety of services and treatments, where the problem is approached from different aspects, either through diets, physical exercise, or medical-aesthetic treatments. Some are very slow and with rebound effect, others require a lot of time and effort, and others involve very high costs if we want real results.

Faced with this huge market niche, to which no current system offers an effective treatment, fast, without rebound effect, and at a reasonable price; TAGnesis System arises, the most advanced body shaping system without surgery, which combined with a subsequent EMS session offers incredible results.