Do you dream of a perfect figure?

After several years manufacturing Gnesis EMS devices for the fitness industry, we got used to see amazing results. That’s why we decided to bring this technology, experience and know-how to the world of aesthetics, to revolutionize the sector by achieving spectacular results in body shaping with G-Slim Advanced Body Sculpting.

We believe that everyone should be able to achieve the goals they set for their image and physique, as well as lead a healthy life. We want the passage of time not to be an impediment for those who want to look healthy, radiant and with the best possible image. That’s why we are here, to present you the best device with the latest EMS technology.

G-Slim comes to prove that EMS technology can help us to shape our figure and live our lives in a healthier way and therefore help our happiness and our daily well-being.

Technology Gnesis EMS

After a long experience and deep dedication developing muscle electrostimulation equipment, Gnesis EMS brings to the world of aesthetics and body shaping the latest and most innovative technology in fitness and muscle recovery.

Through electrical stimuli sent to medical electrodes, strategically placed on a G-Suit or Slim Suit, the system is able to make the muscles in the treated area contract and then relax in a concentrated way. In this way, the muscle works according to the intensity that we indicate independently, without the need for physical demand. With this technology it is easy to make muscles work that otherwise would seem almost impossible. With our system of body treatments we are able to strengthen and harden the muscles in less time and with better results.

Now you can work all the muscles of the body at the same time and in a very safe, fast and simple way.

Two products in one device

It is used with a “bustier” type suit that we call Slim Suit. With G-Slim we will work the muscles of the abdomen, legs, buttocks and arms. In this option, the technician who conducts the session can choose between 16 programs and 5 complete treatments to apply to the client according to their objectives.

It is used with a suit composed of a jacket and pants that we call G-Suit. With G-Slim Plus we are going to work the musculature of the whole body.

In this option the technician who conducts the session can choose between 11 programs and 8 complete treatments to apply to the client according to their objectives. This version of G-Slim Plus also has a calorie counter that shows the calories consumed on the App screen.

In addition, both in G-Slim and G-Slim Plus, you can activate the muscle sequences, where the channels alternate and the impulse goes from one muscle group to another to generate a massage or draining effect in the muscle areas activated by the sequence.

The power of G-Slim

The Gbox is the center of our body shaping system. With a clean and sophisticated design, it is responsible for sending electrical impulses to each electrode to stimulate the different muscle groups as we set the parameters in the G-Slim App, which is the one that controls this Gbox via Bluetooth 5.0.

It is made of an aluminum alloy of the highest quality to ensure a safe session and withstand any accidental blow and has a membrane button panel with LED indicators on its status.

Control the G-Slim System

Through the G-Slim app, you can control all the parameters and functionalities of the session quickly, easily and intuitively. Being an app and NOT a software installed on a machine or screen, you can work from any other device (tablet or smartphone), with or without internet connection and with total freedom of movement as it connects to the Gbox via Bluetooth 5.0.

It is specially designed to meet all the needs that an aesthetics session needs. It has preset programs designed by professionals, and complete treatment protocols, these are the automatic achievement of different programs to have a complete session, the programs follow each other automatically from the beginning to the end of the treatment.

Slim Suit vs. G-Suit

The Slim Suit

The Slim Suit is made of an elastic fabric with our patented G-Stretch technology, seamless and with the “Anti-Bacterial” quality seal.
It is a “bra” that has “Plus Sensitive” medical electrodes strategically placed in different areas of the abdomen, buttocks and legs to stimulate from the waist area (abdominal and oblique muscles) to the calves and even the arms.
The wiring is hidden giving the product a clean and elegant look. It is easy to put on thanks to the zipper with “Zip & Train” technology.

The G-Suit

Manufactured in the same elastic fabric with our patented G-Stretch technology and with the same “Plus Sensitive” medical electrodes as the Slim Suit, the G-Suit is also seamless and with the “Anti-Bacterial” quality seal.
It differs from the Slim Suit in that it is made up of two pieces, a jacket and a pair of pants, thus stimulating other body areas for different treatments with different objectives. In the G-Suit, the electrodes are also placed in strategic positions all over the body and on the arms it activates biceps and triceps separately.
In addition, the G-Suit features the “4×3 Easy-Connector”. This system achieves a perfect fit of the G-Suit to any silhouette because it connects the different sizes of jacket with any size of pants, being able to make the combinations you need.
The wiring is hidden giving the product a clean and elegant look.
It is easy to put on thanks to the zipper with “Zip & Train” technology.

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