Did you know that doctors from all over the world are including electrical muscle stimulation to their treatments? Gnesis EMS developed a system especially for medical use.

It is the case of Dr. Martin Borský (https://mudrborsky.cz/) who recently joined the Gnesis EMS family. He is a prestigious doctor from Czech Republic, who has been continuously engaged in clinical medicine in inpatient and outpatient facilities. In his daily practice, he utilizes the expertise from these fields, as well as the subsequently acquired extension fields of myoskeletal medicine and clinical nutrition.

Doctors´ Martin Borský website with Gnesis EMS for medical use

Benefits of EMS:

We have already talked on many occasions about the benefits that electrical muscle stimulation offers:

⦁ strengthens the deep muscles.
⦁ strengthens the pelvic floor area.
⦁ recover from injuries.
⦁ prevents injuries.
⦁ eliminates back pain.
⦁ strengthens and shapes the figure.
⦁ accelerates metabolism.
⦁ reduces cellulite
⦁ saves joints.
⦁ improves posture.

Dr. Martin Borský specially uses Gnesis EMS devices for medical purposes to help heal or to prevent injuries in his patients’ clinical treatments, achieving great results. Electrical muscle stimulation has proven to be a great option for medical use… even for the most skeptical ones!

Doctor Martin Borskýs´ website with Gnesis EMS for medical use

Gnesis MED: the Gnesis EMS alternative for medical use

Gnesis EMS has a device specially dedicated to the medical sector. Gnesis MED, which has 20 Compex-type electrodes, which are placed directly on the part of the body you want to stimulate, without the need to wear a suit. In this way, the patient can lie on a stretcher recovering from an injury without having to put the affected part at risk with physical exercise. Electrical muscle stimulation is perfect for strengthening muscles before being exposed to an operation. In this way, the operation is more likely to go better, and in addition, the post-operative physical recovery takes place more quickly.

The Gnesis EMS and Gnesis MED systems are very easy to use as they are controlled by a very intuitive and simple APP. This way, no time is wasted in setting up the training session or treatment with a patient.
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