Since its beginnings, electrical muscle stimulation has evolved a lot. We could say that initially, the objective and function of the system was basically focused on stimulating muscles using simple electrodes, but that’ s all in the past. With the new Gnesis EMS App, your business as a personal trainer, or training center, has a range of options so that the objective is much more than just stimulating muscles: it offers your clients a 100% personalized and tailor-made training with all the necessary tools to follow up with the results, minute by minute of the training sessions with a CRM that facilitates both the organization of clients and trainers. Your entire business is inside the Gnesis EMS App.


The Gnesis EMS system: the Gsuit, the Gbox and the Gnesis EMS App

The Gnesis EMS system consists of three parts: the Gsuit (a muscular electrostimulator suit with electrodes that stimulate the muscles by electrical impulses), the Gbox (a device that powers the system and sends the electrical impulses to the electrodes located on the Gsuit), and finally the Gnesis EMS App. The latter is in charge of controlling the entire system.


The Gnesis EMS App and Safety

To begin with, it is necessary to collect the medical and physical information of each client in order to achieve an effective, but above all, safe training. Therefore, when creating a client on the Gnesis EMS App, it is necessary to fill out a form with this information, where the client must sign a consent form to start training.
To reinforce safety, on the training screen, we have a visible calories counter and a heart rate monitor that is measured with a pulsometer on the forearm, so that both the client and the trainer can see the vital signs during the session.


Gnesis EMS App: 100% personalized training sessions

Personal training is booming, and to keep up with the trend you need to be able to track each client in detail to offer them a personalized program specific to their personal goals. In the Gnesis EMS App you can find a variety of pre-set programs designed by professionals to offer your clients. If you decide that your clients need a 100% tailor-made session, you can either modify the program parameters in real time, without leaving the training screen, or create infinite programs specific to them. After each training session, with a simple click, you can send your clients a navigable results chart so that they can see their evolution after each session.
In addition, you can find complete training sessions designed by our professionals which we call protocols. Protocols are sequences of different programs for a complete session. Of course you can create infinite protocols tailored to each client.

Gnesis EMS App: control the system… and your business!

Usually, systems of other brands are controlled by software installed on a device, which, if for any reason is damaged, you have to buy another one to replace it and most likely you will lose all the information you had saved on it. At Gnesis EMS we have developed the Gnesis EMS App to control the system from any Android device. This way, you can control the system from your cell phone or tablet, and if for any reason these are damaged, you can download the app from any other Android device and you will not lose any data from your customers, as it is stored in the cloud.
In the Gnesis EMS App you have all the information saved for each client and each session, in a calendar. In addition, you have the information of each trainer: how many hours of work he/she did, which clients he/she trained, which days of the week he/she worked, etc… Therefore, the App is not only a system control, the App becomes a CRM where it becomes a control of your business! With Gnesis EMS you have an integral device perfect for your business model. The simple electrostimulation device is now a distant memory, join the revolution of electrical muscle stimulation! We are the new EMS generation and we are changing the game.
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