Electrical muscle stimulation is becoming more and more popular among athletes, but it is also becoming a very useful tool among physiotherapists. So important it has become, that it is studied in the physiotherapy degree. EMS allows the physiotherapist to treat and prevent a wide range of injuries and pathologies of their patients.


Gnesis 3.0 and Gnesis Med: two types of electrical muscle stimulation therapies

Versatility might be one of the main advantajes of an electrical muscle stimulation training. Simplifying, an EMS training consists in a device sending electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin. These electrodes stimulates muscle fibers generating contractions. This is how sequential currents work in electrostimulation with Gnesis EMS.

In physiotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation treatments  brings benefits such us:

In Gnesis EMS we developed two different devices for different purposes:



Gnesis Med being used by a patient.

Electrical muscle stimulation: evolution and training

To adapt the treatment and care to the patient, the physiotherapist can choose the frequency and power of the electrical impulses and vary the placement of the electrodes, this last option is specially available with our Gnesis Med system. In the last past years this technique has evolved significantly, and thats where Gnesis EMS was created. With the latest technology in electrical muscle stimulation devices, Gnesis 3.0 offers several protocols and programs to trainers and physiotherapists, and unlimited space in the cloud to create both of them with specially designed parameters for each client or patient. In this way, training has never been so personally-designed. Creating protocols is also an option. These are sequences of different programs. In this way a complete EMS training routine can be easily designed.


A patient using the Gnesis 3.0 system for a rehabilitation exercise.

Gnesis EMS a clever choise for physiotherapists

With any of our systems, it is able to mobilize up to 300 muscles simultaneously and painlessly in an electrical muscle stimulation training. These might sound like a hard job to do, but as our systems are easily controlled by a very intuitive App in any Android device, it is actually very easy for anyone to handle. You can modify any parameter, create programs and protocols, increase or decrease power, block muscle channels, change chronaxia, save values, and much more, without even leaving the training screen. And as it is an App, we are constantly updating it to offer the best service.

Our Gsuits are wireless, which offers freedom of movement and the capability to train unlimited number of patients at the same time. As it is a two-parts suit (vest and short), it fits perfectly well the bodies of patients of all different sizes, because we understand that people might vary the sizes from the top part and the lower part.

In a dynamic electrical muscle stimulation training, movement is involved. As our Gbox is made of the highest quality aluminum, a safe training is assured. From it, you can increase or decrease the intensity, pause o re-start the training and check the level of battery through the led lights. It is specially designed for a great user experience and the facilities for physiotherapists and personal trainers.

To sum up, Gnesis EMS is specially designed both for physiotherapists and personal trainers to treat their patients and clients with the best EMS quality in market. To see more of our products go to www.gnesisofficial.com and check our different systems and products.

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